‘Twosday’ gets swinging!

PETALING JAYA: The date is 22/2/22, and it just so happens that it is also a Tuesday. This palindrome date has been labelled as ‘Twosday’.

As this is possibly a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, businesses are making the most of this by offering promotions, coupons, sales to commemorate this day.

Malaysians on the internet are also not missing this opportunity either, as many have taken to Twitter to send their general well-wishes to other Malaysians.

“Happy 22.2.22! Hope everyone has an amazing Twosday. Praying that all your manifestations, wishes, and dreams come to life!” said @ainnxoxo in a post on Twitter.

Similarly, @ClassicalMusii said that “this won’t repeat in another 200 years. If dreams were to come true, this will be the day for them. Happy 22.2.22 beloveds, may all your wishes come true”.

Eateries are some of the businesses that are capitalising on the occasion, with places such as Inside Scoop, KFC, McDonald’s, A&W, and TGI Friday’s offering massive discounts and promotions.

TGI Friday’s is currently offering a 22% discount on all its burgers, while Inside Scoop had the same deal for its ice creams and cakes. Meanwhile, fast-food chain KFC is offering two Zinger Chop plates for just RM22.

It does not end there. Malaysia Airlines has also jumped into the hype, offering 22% discounts for all domestic flights until Feb 24. In line with travelling, Dorsett Grand Subang Hotel has also come up with a Buy 2 Pay 1 deal for its Grand Mee Mamak.

The date – February 22 – is also “Single Tasking Day”.

“Single Tasking Day” is a made-up holiday that is celebrated annually on Feb 22.

It is meant to motivate and dedicate oneself to performing only a single task, at any given time.

The call came about because of modern-day technological distractions that people have become accustomed to like using their phones while driving, posting content on social media while watching TV, or checking emails while baby- sitting.