PKR no plans to give way to Muda in Larkin, questions motives in splitting votes

JOHOR BARU: PKR has no plans to give way to the Malaysian United Democratic Alliance (Muda) in the Larkin state seat and questioned its motives to split the votes in the seat.

PKR youth chief Akmal Nasir said they were ready to face off with Muda and other parties as they were expecting a six-cornered fight in Larkin.

“Besides five political parties, we also expect at least one independent to also join in this election,” he said during a press conference here.

Besides PKR, others fielding candidates in the seat include Barisan Nasional, Parti Pejuang Malaysia and Perikatan Nasional.

He said that he was shocked with Muda’s announcement about them wanting to contest in Larkin when seat negotiations had already been concluded.

Asked if there could be a last minute compromise in this matter, he said anything was possible until nomination tomorrow.

“I hope Muda will reconsider its decision,” he said, adding that so far there were no negotiations on the matter in recent days.

Akmal also questioned Muda’s motive to contest the seat which would split the votes and benefit Barisan.

Asked as to whether Muda’s decision to contest in Larkin would also cause divisions among machinery from DAP and Amanah, he said that he believed the Pakatan partners would help the PKR candidates although they have a collaboration with Muda.

He added that while it was their democratic right to field candidates, PKR has already announced Dr Zamil Najwah as its candidate for the seat.