Family of girl with bone cancer thanks donors, target amount reached in just one day

IPOH: The family of Teh Xin Tong, the 20-year-old girl who was diagnosed with Stage Four bone cancer, says the targeted amount for donations has been reached and thanked the public for their generosity.

Perak MCA public services and complaints bureau chief Low Guo Nan said that Teh’s mother, Wan Wai Kin, told him that they had received enough money for her treatment and that the public could stop sending in donations.

“Wan would like to express her gratitude to those who donated generously.

“The targeted amount was reached within a day,” he said in a statement on Saturday (Feb 12).

“Today is Teh’s birthday, so the public’s donations are akin to a present with blessings for her,” added Low.

Teh’s family had appealed to the public for donations to pay for her treatment expenses.

Low said he had received thousands of messages and his mobile phone was ringing non-stop.

“I replied to each message until 2am. The donations show that Malaysians are caring folk.

“There were donations from people in Sabah, Sarawak and as far as Singapore and Hong Kong,” he said.