Twitter Tests Multiple Video Playback Speed Options

Twitter playback speed

Twitter has long had only the default playback speed for videos on its platform. But it looks like the company is now testing more playback speed options. This also appears to be an option that’s available for voice tweets.

According to the announcement tweet, video playback speeds available for videos on Twitter will go as low as 0.25x, and as fast as 2x. Then there are the multiple options in between at 0.25x increments, giving you a total of seven options, not counting the default.

To access these speed options, you’ll have to tap on a gear icon at the top right corner. If you’re familiar with the way you do this on YouTube, then this looks like it will be a familiar process.

According to The Verge, Twitter spokesperson Joseph Nuñez says that these playback speeds will apply to “Tweet Videos, Amplify Videos, Voice Tweets, videos in DMs, and Video Live Replays, depending on their platform.”

As mentioned though, Twitter is still testing playback speed options. For now, it will only be a setting that’s available for select users on the web client and Android app. Nuñez says that the test will be expanded to iOS in the near future, but a general rollout is probably only expected after the iOS test begins.

(Source: Twitter, The Verge)

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