Spritzer Renews Environmental Stewardship Commitment on 34th Anniversary

KUALA LUMPUR/TAIPING, 22 SEPTEMBER 2023 – SPRITZER (the “Company) marks its 34-year journey today by stepping up their environmental stewardship efforts.

Founded in 1989 in Taiping, Perak, the town known as the rainiest place in Peninsular Malaysia, Tourism Perak has also endorsed the town as ‘Taiping, Home of SPRITZER’, in recognition of the Company’s dedication to the community and sustainability.

Spritzer owns a 400-acre rainforest landbank in Taiping, from which it extracts silica-rich mineral water from underground aquifers that are bottled with the highest standards through state-of-the-art technology and skilled professionals.

The Company’s commitment to innovation extends to environmentally friendly, fully recyclable packaging, from cap to label. Spritzer actively self-regulates and voluntarily embraces cleaner, eco-conscious designs using recycled plastics, and pioneering initiatives in Malaysia.

Group Chief Executive Officer of Spritzer, Mr. Kenny Lim, stated, “This year, we mark 34 years of our journey. We have weathered challenging periods, including the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns when having the Automated Storage and Retrieval System, (“ASRS”) warehouse proved invaluable for operations at a time when there were restrictions. We are now back to normal operations. Thanks to strategic forward-thinking leadership and effective business continuity plans, Spritzer has continued to grow even in the midst of the pandemic.”

In 2022, Spritzer’s silica-rich natural mineral water underwent a transformation, adopting a new look, new purpose packaging. The striking new iconic bottle not only distinguishes Spritzer but also embodies its commitment to becoming a fully circular brand by 2030. This bottle is made from 100% recyclable materials and includes recycled content. Additionally, the Company is enhancing the packaging of its other products to provide a trendier appearance that excites consumers. This includes the new Sparkling bottle, the So Tinge label, and the label-free silica-rich natural mineral water, which is aimed at reducing plastic usage while minimizing its environmental impact.

As a brand committed to high quality and trustworthiness, Spritzer has consistently earned accolades, including recent ones such as the Superior Taste Award 2023, the Putra Brand Bronze Award, the World Branding Award, the National Energy Awards, and the ASEAN Energy Awards. These prestigious honours firmly establish Spritzer as Malaysia’s leading mineral water brand. Today marks more than a commemorative milestone; it is a testament to our unwavering dedication to quality and sustainability. Today, Spritzer is proud to announce that the Company has also been recognized as “Taiping, Home of Spritzer” by Tourism Perak.

Kenny added, “We stand proudly as a beacon of environmental stewardship, innovation, and excellence. The recognition of Taiping as “Taiping, the Home of SPRITZER” signifies our deep commitment to sustainability and community. Looking forward, we remain dedicated to reducing our environmental impact and setting industry standards in responsible business practices. Our accolades solidify our position as Malaysia’s premier mineral water brand, motivating us to forge ahead on our journey, making a positive impact on both, people’s lives and the environment.”

To learn more about Spritzer and sustainability, visit their website at https://www.spritzer.com.my.

About Spritzer Bhd

Established since 1989, Spritzer today stands as Malaysia’s largest and only listed bottled water producer. The factory is located amidst a 400-acre greenery landbank in Taiping, Perak. The Spritzer Group of Companies comprises eight subsidiaries, each specializing in manufacturing and distribution of a wide range of products, including natural mineral water, sparkling natural mineral water, distilled drinking water, RO drinking water, non-carbonated fruit-flavored drinks, and carbonated fruit-flavored drinks. For more information, please visit www.spritzer.com.my.

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