Bravowhale Technology facilitate taicang local supply chain enterprises in achieving ESG compliance with international standards

Hong Kong, Sept 20, 2023 – (ACN Newswire via – Recently, the “‘Carbon’ Road Green Development Promotes Enterprises’ Low-Carbon Transformation” exchange meeting co-sponsored by the Taicang Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and Shanghai Bravowhale Information Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Bravowhale Technology”) served Taicang Enterprises The center was successfully held. The meeting actively responded to the “dual carbon” goals and the “dual circulation” new development pattern proposed by the General Secretary, and helped Taicang export companies solve carbon tariffs and ESG compliance issues. Wang Yigang, deputy director of the Industry and Information Technology Bureau, presided over the meeting. Taicang Municipal Development and Reform Commission, China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products (hereinafter referred to as “China Chamber of Commerce for Machinery and Electronics”), I-REC Standards Foundation, power supply companies, economic development bureaus of various towns and districts, including P&G, Jiu Representatives from nearly 80 key energy-consuming enterprises and green factory enterprises in the city, including Long Paper and TRUMPF (China), attended the meeting.

“Carbon Road Green Development Boosts Enterprises’ Low-Carbon Transformation” Exchange Meeting Site

Wang Liping, deputy mayor of Taicang City, Zhang Xianfeng, deputy director of the Government Office, Fang Haining, director of the Industry and Information Technology Bureau, and Wang Yigang, deputy director, met with Zhu Shaokang, CEO of Bravowhale Technology, Bai Xuefeng, deputy secretary-general of the China Chamber of Commerce for Machinery and Electronics and director of the International Liaison Department, and I-REC standards Foundation co-founder Jared Braslawsky and others conducted in-depth discussions on topics such as ESG compliance of Taicang enterprises and the application and promotion of I-REC international green certificates. Wang Liping said, “Green and low-carbon is a major trend in global sustainable development. We look forward to strengthening communication and cooperation with Bravowhale Technology and further working with the I-REC Standards Foundation to promote mutual recognition of domestic and international standards and provide clear guidance for enterprises in our city. ESG compliance ideas and directions, create a benchmark city for zero-carbon production for export enterprises, and help achieve the “double carbon” goal.”

Bai Xuefeng, deputy secretary-general of China Chamber of Commerce for Machinery and Electronics, delivered a speech

The problem of climate change is becoming increasingly severe. Countries have introduced ESG compliance and information disclosure policies one after another. The European Union has officially taken effect on carbon tariffs. However, carbon consulting reports provided by companies themselves are not recognized. The cross-border liquidity of CCER, VCS, etc. is subject to policy restrictions. Domestic green electricity The small market size and high premiums have made it more difficult for companies to respond to these policies. The meeting focused on analyzing the difficulties faced by companies and proposing solutions. Bai Xuefeng shared in his speech that in order to help member companies effectively respond to carbon tariffs, China Chamber of Commerce for Machinery and Electronics relies on the technical certification advantages of Bravowhale Technology to provide companies with a large number of stable, lowest environmental payment costs and traceable I-REC international green products throughout the life cycle. certification, cases of breaking trade barriers.

Speech by Jared Braslawsky, I-REC Standards Foundation

I-REC International Green Certificate is an internationally recognized standard for recording renewable energy consumption, with high global recognition and wide circulation. Jared Braslawsky mentioned, “High-quality, authentic and reliable data verification is very important for the I-REC standard. This is part of creating a reliable carbon attribute tracking ecosystem in China. Each entity has a role to play and together with national authorities it is out goal to create a healthy, robust and internationally recognized attribute tracking system in China. Bravowhale Technology is a good example of how we can improve data quality and efficiency of I-REC registration, approval and issuance through technical docking, and provided more Clear, traceable, and transparent green energy data. Together with other parts of the ecosystem, such as nationally appointed certificate issuers, the reliable, robust and granular data provided by entities like Bravowhale Technology will help companies achieve ESG compliance with the greatest certainty.” The I-REC Standard Foundation was established in the Netherlands in 2014 and has cooperated with more than 40 national government agencies and is committed to promoting International mutual recognition and application of green standards and green rules.

Bravowhale Technology shares the implementation case of carbon offset through I-REC

Pu Tiankuang, industry director of Bravowhale Technology, shared multiple implementation cases of carbon offsets through I-REC international green certificates at the meeting, including supply chain companies and export companies that are members of RE100. As a data verification and officially I-REC Standard Accreditedplatform operator in China, Bravowhale Technology relies on the Internet of Things, cloud computing and other technologies to monitor the dynamic formation process of carbon assets in real time, provide high-quality, granular data, and ensure that the issued I-REC – The authenticity, clear traceability, and detailed information required for the facilitation of ESG claims and the I-REC Standard issuance process.

Deloitte China shares how to create a higher standard I-REC international green certificate ecosystem

Li Jian, Director of Deloitte China’s Climate Change and Sustainability Business Group, delivered a keynote speech. He will work with Bravowhale Technology to build on the high standard of I-REC international green certificate ecosystem and create additional and more detailed data of multi-dimensional quality inspections on the I-REC data verification system platform,and conduct SOC verification on the traceability platform on a regular basis to meet the requirements of buyer companies for the completeness, accuracy and traceability of international green certificate assets.

Bravowhale Technology has been deeply engaged in I-REC technology verification for many years. It has the ability to connect more than 2,000 renewable energy power stations in the upstream. It has cooperated with many partners such as China Chamber of Commerce of Mechanical and Electrical Commerce, I-REC Standards Foundation, Deloitte China, etc., and is willing to provide maximum certainty to many enterprises. ESG compliance solutions that are flexible and meet international standards.

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